At Moss and Co., we know that all those little details are what bring a space to life. That’s why we take the time to develop close working relationships with our clients—so we can design spaces that reflect their personalities, experiences, and passions. We believe that your space should tell your story, not ours, and that the spaces you inhabit should reveal something about who you are. In other words, we believe in homes as works of art and design.

With our expert eye for detail and design, we’ll help you create an interior space that is uniquely yours.

Who we are

An experienced designer with 13 years in the industry, Chantelle Moss founded Moss and Co. out of her passion for creating not just a look but an experience that evokes emotion.

Her ability to blend her creative, artistic side with her natural talent for organisation and management has enabled her to flourish in this role. Dedicated to making sure your experience is perfect every step of the way, Chantelle has been known to spend hours with clients discussing what they like best — and what they’d change if they could!

Our team is capable of handling large or small projects, whether it’s
simply selecting furniture, styling rooms, or creating an entire interior
design scheme. From residential projects to lodges, boutique hotels,
and commercial interiors, Moss and Co. can help you design your story.

Features & Awards